Here's a few pics and info about me! 

In Athens, rooftop bar at the hotel.

Waiting on a bus in Santorini

East side of Oahu

Lake Plastered er Placid.

Yes I can ski, sort of..


Wow in a suit for real, at Aujourd'hui for my birthday.

Just plain me.. 

Working off-site at Goddard Space Flight Center

Trying to read by the fire cooking dinner..

I gave up and went for the propane lantern.

In Badlands S.D. (Self Portait)

Feeding the ducks in the reflecting pool at the Washington Monument.

Hello..  come back here!

Davie's at the base of Mt. Chocoura

At the turtle farm in Grand Cayman

Me and my Zuk, winter 2002

Wheeling trip with NEOW

Lake Yellowstone did I mention the water was 38 degrees?

Extremely busy at work..

At the National Botanical Gardens in D.C.

Me and my Yak, on the Sudbury River.

At the Big Apple Roll NYC

Philly Freedom Sakte

Me and/or my peeps..


Bob, I, Brian, & Derek


Mark, just well Mark..

Jaoa working hard.

Tommy being a clown.