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Me - If you care too look.
Misc. Critters
Dante! - My corn snake.
75g Reef Tank
  Dec '05 Pics A, B, C
  Jan 06 Pics A, B
OLD 25g Reef Tank

Bimmers, Emily my new 328i
1998 Bandit 1200
Olds 442 - Sold.

Zuks - Sold
   Sammy Efi Swap Info
XJ - Sold

Kauai / PMRF 04/2005
Oahu / MATSS 2005

Kwajalein 2004
Greece 2004
Kauai/PMRF 2004
Cali Trip 2003
  -Zookimelt 2003
  -Pioneer Auto Museum
  -Reptile Gardens

Hawaii 2003
Kwajalein 2002
Ralph Lauren @ MFA
Sudbury River
Big Apple Roll

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This page is going to changed quite a bit on the oncoming months, I have been slacking greatly on updates and now I am actually going to get the ball rolling, Finally. I did add a lot of stuff, nothing much new, same crap but hey you can see it now.